Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Doesn't anyone read any more?

So we spent the weekend house hunting. We probably visited eight or nine different homes, some of them twice. And about the time I got home, I realized there was something very strange about all of them.

No books.

A few places had a coffee table book or two set out to impress buyers with their good taste, but no indication that anyone in the house actually read anything. No Serious Literature, no junk novels, no technical reference libraries. I didn't even see any children's books, although I guess those could have been tucked away in a toy chest or something.

They all had very nice televisions, though. Sigh...


Bluegrass Mama said...

Let's hope they all just took the Realtor's advice to pack things away a little too literally.

L'il Sis said...

I am particularly distressed about the lack of children's books. Experts insist even fifteen minutes a day will improve a child's learning dramatically. Of course, I say this while taking a break from packing up three cartons of children's books to move this weekend. Ergo, we can make the correlative deduction that reading not only improves your child's learning, it can also give you a ripped set of biceps if you move often enough!