Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The day DRM died

Amazon has launched a DRM-free music store. 2 million songs, MP3 format, 256 kbps encoding, no restrictions. With two major labels (EMI and Universal) having dropped restrictions, device-agnostic music is only a matter of time.


Tom Cheyney said...

Hey Kath,
You should check out eMusic, which has been DRM-free since the git-go and has zillions of indie tracks of all sorts and styles, AND a much better model (monthly subscription for XX songs, instead of per-song rate, which ends up being much cheaper per track). eMusic is also no. 2 after iTunes in market share---albeit with a MUCH smaller percentage.
Rock on.

Katherine said...

Oh yes, I'm aware of eMusic. Amazon has the market clout to really challenge iTunes, though, which is why I think their decision to go DRM-free is so important.
Thanks for commenting!